This Wasn't Nearly As Nice As I Thought It Was Gonna Be

from by The Hoils Dilemma

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Sad song? Sad song.


So you spoke to me, for the first time in a week
And I couldn’t help, but feel overwhelmed
With excitement, and gratitude
And I don’t think you get the magnitude, of my affection
Because you were the land, and I was the sea
And that is all we were ever gonna be
The constituents which make up the Earth
But without my land, I lose my worth
And I was always trying to move you
But I can’t really change your latitudes
And it feels like, I’m gonna lose you
But I can’t remedy your nasty attitude
You’re full of mountains, volcanoes and magma
Oh, of course I ended up with that, but ain’t that just my luck?
And I’ll never be able to erode away your self-serving demeanour
No, you’re never moving, oh no, you’re just stuck
And I’m comprised of heavy, moving water and emotions
They sway with me and all those tides
I’m just a collection of ancient tears
Cried from men like giants, or so they thought
And that’s kinda like what you did
But you’re not the land, you’re just some scared kid
You think you rule the world, you hold all the dirt and sand
And I’m just a girl, who sings like the ocean
I guess I always will be, so long as you pile over me
So here I’m singing, going through the motions
And you’re stationary, stuck to a single place
But I’ll keep going, you’ll never see my face, again
You ruined all my currents, so I up and ran
But you were supposed to be the land, and me the sea
So I’m sorry to say you won’t be here with me
You were the land, and I was the sea


from Up To December, released January 15, 2017
Thank you to my cat for purring in the background of the recording! You make it so much better!



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The Hoils Dilemma North Carolina

I just write songs and things like that. All of my recordings are low quality, so hopefully you like that sort of thing.

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