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I was up until about 2 am and I was reading Plato and 1984 and was feeling pretty edgy, so this song came about.


CMadd9, CMaj7, G7, D
I’m not really sure what this song is about
But I’m not really looking to figure all that out
Because I’m just a girl who sits alone in her room at 2 in the morning and punches out chords
And I’m not really sure how the whole music thing works, I just pick up the uke and sing by myself when I’m bored
Because there’s not else much to do in this overwhelming world of hate
I just sit in isolation in my room and I wait and I wait
For a message back from you, or even a phone call
Because when I don’t look where I’m going, you catch me when I fall
But sometimes you don’t reply, sometimes you don’t hear me at all
And then I’m not really sure if you actually care for me at all
And it’s really sad to base one’s self worth off another’s online status
And I’m really tired of that
So I’m turning off my computer, and I’m turning off my phone
I’m turning off everything that doesn’t help me be alone
In this room of music, of simple songs and strumming
Of simple chords and simple words and simple simple humming
Because everyone makes everything in this world so complex
And I don’t want to have any more part in it
Because you were the last thing that I was holding onto
And you ignored me and used me and even then I trusted you
But my ukulele and sheet music would never abuse me
It sits in my room all day and waits for me to find my way
Back to it to strum it quietly and sing it a song
And when I leave every day I know it won’t be long
Until I return, exhausted and worn down
From another day of stumbling around
Waiting to find another person who’s willing to listen
To four chords and some sad sad words
But until then, I’ll be here all day
Just strumming the ukulele, till I have something useful to say
So I’m sorry if this song sucks, or is really depressing
I don’t have much to talk about, I’m only digressing


from Up To December, released January 15, 2017
Thanks to Jon for saying he liked this and all the people on the DIY Folk Punk facebook page who listened and encouraged me to keep writing and sharing my music!



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The Hoils Dilemma North Carolina

I just write songs and things like that. All of my recordings are low quality, so hopefully you like that sort of thing.

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