Up To December

by The Hoils Dilemma

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released January 15, 2017



all rights reserved


The Hoils Dilemma North Carolina

I just write songs and things like that. All of my recordings are low quality, so hopefully you like that sort of thing.

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Track Name: Three Piece Suit
Chords: C/C7/A7/G7
I wore a three piece suit to the white house
And would you believe they thought I was president?
And the best thing about being president,
Is that you don’t have to worry about the rent
And they gave me a big stack of files; I didn’t read them
Apparently I’m executive; I can’t believe it

So I put the congress in gridlock
And honestly? I didn’t give a fuck
Because I’m not really the president
I’m just a guy from Montreal with a three piece suit

Now I’ve come to realise the White House has 132 rooms
And now I’ve got a room with over 60 pairs of shoes
So forget foreign policy, it doesn’t really matter
And who actually cares about the economy?
Because when people assume you’re the president
They sure give you lots and lots of money


So you may as well stop voting
You may as well not care
Because if a guy from fucking Canada can become the president?
They’ll pick a guy from anywhere
Track Name: Yeah, Okay, But You Ruined The Housing Market
G D Am C
So let me tell you something, I’m only sixteen years old, and sure, I’m in community college
G D Am C
But that doesn’t mean I have a fucking clue what is going on
I spent like 20 dollars on school supplies and I wear too much makeup on my eyes
Am C
Do I seem like someone who knows what they’re doing?
G D Am C
So please leave me alone, I spend too much time on my phone, and I haven’t slept well in years
G D Am C
And yes my music’s loud, yes I know, I know, I’m probably hurting my ears
But regardless of my faults and all my errors and mistakes
Am C
At least I didn’t ruin the housing market!

G D Am C
You say my generation sucks, but fail to recognise that facebook is basically full of lies
And you really hate new slang and basically all that’s fun
Am C
What happened to you when you turned fourty-one?
G D Am C
So leave me alone, I can barely pay for college, and I don’t even have a job
So go ahead and look at me and say I’m a slob,
Am C
But I didn’t ruin the housing market

You guys are more homophobic and racist, what’s up with that?
Am C
Can’t you see that everyone needs a chance?
This isn’t 1984, so make up your minds
Am C
Are you buying into doublethink and believing the party’s lies?
There are no more opinions, you may as well trying
Am C
Your generation killed the market, the economy is dying
So just know that I don’t care you think of us
Am C
The millennials are broke and they just don’t give a fuck


Outro- C/D/G
Track Name: Digression
CMadd9, CMaj7, G7, D
I’m not really sure what this song is about
But I’m not really looking to figure all that out
Because I’m just a girl who sits alone in her room at 2 in the morning and punches out chords
And I’m not really sure how the whole music thing works, I just pick up the uke and sing by myself when I’m bored
Because there’s not else much to do in this overwhelming world of hate
I just sit in isolation in my room and I wait and I wait
For a message back from you, or even a phone call
Because when I don’t look where I’m going, you catch me when I fall
But sometimes you don’t reply, sometimes you don’t hear me at all
And then I’m not really sure if you actually care for me at all
And it’s really sad to base one’s self worth off another’s online status
And I’m really tired of that
So I’m turning off my computer, and I’m turning off my phone
I’m turning off everything that doesn’t help me be alone
In this room of music, of simple songs and strumming
Of simple chords and simple words and simple simple humming
Because everyone makes everything in this world so complex
And I don’t want to have any more part in it
Because you were the last thing that I was holding onto
And you ignored me and used me and even then I trusted you
But my ukulele and sheet music would never abuse me
It sits in my room all day and waits for me to find my way
Back to it to strum it quietly and sing it a song
And when I leave every day I know it won’t be long
Until I return, exhausted and worn down
From another day of stumbling around
Waiting to find another person who’s willing to listen
To four chords and some sad sad words
But until then, I’ll be here all day
Just strumming the ukulele, till I have something useful to say
So I’m sorry if this song sucks, or is really depressing
I don’t have much to talk about, I’m only digressing
Track Name: This Wasn't Nearly As Nice As I Thought It Was Gonna Be
So you spoke to me, for the first time in a week
And I couldn’t help, but feel overwhelmed
With excitement, and gratitude
And I don’t think you get the magnitude, of my affection
Because you were the land, and I was the sea
And that is all we were ever gonna be
The constituents which make up the Earth
But without my land, I lose my worth
And I was always trying to move you
But I can’t really change your latitudes
And it feels like, I’m gonna lose you
But I can’t remedy your nasty attitude
You’re full of mountains, volcanoes and magma
Oh, of course I ended up with that, but ain’t that just my luck?
And I’ll never be able to erode away your self-serving demeanour
No, you’re never moving, oh no, you’re just stuck
And I’m comprised of heavy, moving water and emotions
They sway with me and all those tides
I’m just a collection of ancient tears
Cried from men like giants, or so they thought
And that’s kinda like what you did
But you’re not the land, you’re just some scared kid
You think you rule the world, you hold all the dirt and sand
And I’m just a girl, who sings like the ocean
I guess I always will be, so long as you pile over me
So here I’m singing, going through the motions
And you’re stationary, stuck to a single place
But I’ll keep going, you’ll never see my face, again
You ruined all my currents, so I up and ran
But you were supposed to be the land, and me the sea
So I’m sorry to say you won’t be here with me
You were the land, and I was the sea
Track Name: Sharp Major 7s
Driving late at night and lots of cups of coffee and cookie crumbs and fireplaces and kittens
And books and stars and Venus and Mars, and all the other planets in the sky
And snow and mountains and crisp maple leaves and warm blankets and good dreams
And candles and hardwood floors, singing with my friends, oh Tuesdays are the best day of the

Sometimes, I think life really sucks
But then you gotta put things in perspective, it’s better to just not give a fuck
There’s a million other things to do
There’s people out there who love you
And there’s places you’re really gonna wanna see
Like Raleigh, that’s where I live
And Maryland, that’s where I’m from
And Montreal, that’s where I’m gonna be
Late night phone calls, and early morning letters, you just gotta take things as they come
Collapsing on your bed after another day of work, some things just pay off
Looking at the sea and feeling that salty breeze, nothing can compare
Sometimes I think life really sucks
But then you gotta put things in perspective, it’s better to just not give a fuck
There’s a million other things to do
There’s people out there who love you
There’s a thousand things for you to go out and be
Like a director, or a rockstar, a writer or a beekeeper, an artist, or a scientist
A politician or philosopher a fireman or friend, you can do just about anything
So don’t listen to people who put you down, they’re not gonna stick around
Just do whatever you want
Eat ice cream and sing and scream and dance all the time
And watch bad movies
And collect rocks and stamps and broadway posters and maps of the world
Start up a new club or join a band
Write poetry full of cliches and go for long walks
Or just lie around the house
It doesn’t matter who you are, you don’t have to go real far to have a good time
So if you’re feeling really shitty and you need something to do
Pick up an instrument, I’ll sing with you

Track Name: The Cycle
And my friend tells me my songs all go G/D/Em/C in that order
And my other friend seems to think I’m falling back into that disorder
That leaves me staring out a bus window for hours, listening to underground hip hop
And even if it goes away for a week or two, the cycle never really stops
Where I’m walking home, with my eyes glued to one spot the whole way
Because I can’t bear for my vision to ever sway
[Chorus] Am/C/G/D
To see those other people, who I can’t explain all my thoughts to
You’d never think I’d be so good with secrets
Because I seem like an open book, I don’t seem to care
But when I wake up every morning, I don’t want to go anywhere
I’d rather stay in my house all day and sing all my thoughts away
Until I wear down my strings
And people will ask me if I’m doing alright, but who’s gonna say anything other than “I’m fine”
It doesn’t seem to matter how much stress people hold, but when they keep on living like that, their voices grow cold
So I’ll plug in my headphones, and I’ll climb up those stairs and I’ll let that bus take me anywhere
Where I don’t have to always look people in the eyes
And when they ask me how I’m doing, I don’t give answers I despise
Bridge: C/Am/G/D
There I’ll tell always tell people what I’m thinking
Cause when minds are confined, the world just keeps shrinking
And I don’t think people should pace in their rooms
Till early morning with nothing to do
My songs always seem to go that way
Because I constantly need something more to say
And this song seems to be going that way too
But I wanted to explain to you
What it’s like
Track Name: Old Adams
Paranoia and delusions when you leave at five am
And you don’t know how to walk alone, but you have no friends
They betrayed you and left you on the side of the road that you’re walking
There’s no path to take, and the cars turn down the alley
So the only option is to take trails through the woods
So keep your eyes straight ahead, don’t look to the side
Cause if you do, you’ll them moving, and you won’t know where to hide
No, you won’t know where to hide
So beware, of the things that lie in the dark
Cause they’re not there, but it sure feels like it sometimes
And beware, of that ticking you hear in your room at night
Because it goes away when you turn on the light
You hearing it walking toward you
It’s early morning hours
And you don’t know where to go
And you think about calling people for help
But you’re tired of only being able to talk of your woes
It’s so cliche, but you can feel your heart beating in every part of your body
As you’re running and you can’t be tempted to look back
So beware, of the things that you hear that are not there
Because it’s the things that we invent that tend to hurt us the most
And beware, of that stranger there he’s looking in your eyes
You don’t know where to go or how to fight
And it’s another evening in your house with the windows drawn tight
Because you just don’t know what might come in the night
So beware, of the people who are out there to use you
And be aware of the people who will abuse
And beware because no one really cares
And maybe this is a bit pessimistic,
But I just thought maybe I would warn you
Track Name: Up To December
Here I am, in my bed again, staring at the wall
And wondering how many pills it would take for me to fall
Back into that sleepiness I’ve been feeling in my heart all night
And wondering how of your affirmations it’d take to get it right

Because all week I’ve been lying here, waiting to leave my room
But I can’t get rid of this feeling, the walls look a pale blue
That tethers me, staring at my bookshelf, looking at pages and unopened opportunities

They say that songwriting comes from experience
And if that’s so, I’m sorry, this song must be really shitty
And I don’t know what else to do, and I don’t know how to tell you
That right now I just really need your help, and I don’t know where to go
Or how to talk to, anyone else
And I really wish you could see it in my eyes
But you can’t, and I’m always wondering why
Because right now, I don’t have a clue
And right now, the only thing I could use would be you